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  Whether it’s the result of one too many late nights or the new back-to-the-office regime (and possibly both), we are all feeling drained and desperate for some much-needed downtime. We are taking this opportunity to slow down, spend some time at home, focusing on self love and the simple things that make us happy. Take a power nap: We can make up for a lack of sleep with a nap- It’s not how many hours’ sleep you have during the night, but the amount of sleep you get during 24 hours. Have a warm bath: With the right added extras, a warm bath becomes full-on therapy for mind, body and soul. Before bed, put your phone on airplane mode and relax in a hot bath for 20 minutes and when you get out, you will sweat out the toxins. Then go to bed and you’ll wake up revitalised. Know your essential oils:...

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