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Whether it’s the result of one too many late nights or the new back-to-the-office regime (and possibly both), we are all feeling drained and desperate for some much-needed downtime. We are taking this opportunity to slow down, spend some time at home, focusing on self love and the simple things that make us happy.

Take a power nap: We can make up for a lack of sleep with a nap- It’s not how many hours’ sleep you have during the night, but the amount of sleep you get during 24 hours.

Have a warm bath: With the right added extras, a warm bath becomes full-on therapy for mind, body and soul. Before bed, put your phone on airplane mode and relax in a hot bath for 20 minutes and when you get out, you will sweat out the toxins. Then go to bed and you’ll wake up revitalised.

Know your essential oils: The right oil can change the brain chemistry and make changes on a cellular level. Researchers studying depression found that certain citrus fragrances boost feelings of wellbeing by modulating levels of norepinephrine, a mood-affecting hormone. Add a few drops of citrus oil to a tissue and inhale throughout the day. Frankincense essential oil is also wonderful to help you mentally reset.

Use your breath to rebalance: It’s a classic yoga technique that helps balance, energise or calm the mind and body as needed – and it works. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation, counting the length of both; slowing your breath down helps to relax you, but you shouldn’t feel breathless. Then adjust the lengths of your breaths depending on your goals. To feel more balanced, make your in-breath the same length as your out-breath. If you want to relax, focus on ensuring that the out-breath is one or two counts longer than the in-breath; if you want more energy, consciously make your in-breath the longer one. Do this focused breathing for a few minutes whenever needed.


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