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Our Values

Jasthi is a subtle brand with strong core values at it's heart. We stand for minimalism, feminine yet powerful apparel, made for the everyday woman. Empowering through dressing has been our motto ever since we began our journey. Our products cater to the lifestyle of various muses, each with a personality of her own. Although we are based in Hyderabad, we are worn worldwide. We are open to learning, growing and building a brand that caters to women and their diverse personalities.



The true essence of our creations is their high quality and durability. We believe clothes are memorabilia that should last for years and must be passed down to future generations. The emotions that a good quality garment can evoke, to us, is priceless.



As a brand we are transparent in terms of what we are offering to our consumers. Right from the details of the apparel to how it can be worn, accountability has played a pivotal role in the shaping of Jasthi. Our outfits offer clean lines elegant forms and refined proportions whilst focusing on relaxed tailoring and effortless femininity.



All our curations hold a relaxed vibe and are light, airy and breathable with a vast color palette to pick from. Soothing, serene prints and hues that resonate with the ethereal beauty of nature and our heritage, so that the outfits can be handed down throughout generations is what we bear in mind during our design process. Our apparel is a beautiful amalgamation of all the latest in fashion and classic, suave styles.


Community building:

Through our journey, we've learnt that the key to building a happy business is to retain a personal touch with our clients. As a brand, we have learnt and evolved through engaging with our clients on a personal level. We've grown exponentially as a community, and intend to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients.



We strive each day to better than the previous one. Perfection is the heart of our purpose. We are a tight ecosystem of people that believe in designing and building a brand for the everyday woman. Collaboration and inclusive business practices where we seek and share stories and involve our clients in the building of our brand has been the major driving force for us ever since we began this journey. Maining an ethical, fair and inclusive work culture has always been our top priority.

Repair and Alter:

For pieces from our previous collections, we can't guarantee having the same fabric because our supply is limited and exclusive. But, if a piece is damaged or requires altering, we offer a repair and alteration service. If you reside in Hyderabad, you can always drop by our studio to get your outfit altered or you can reach out to us through e-mail at love@jasthiclothing.com. We will work out the most viable solution for your apparel issues, if any.

Fit to size:

We strongly adhere to the concept of there's no one size that fits all. Every body is unique and must be treated so especially when it comes to making sartorial decisions. The rise of the so-called Vanity sizing has rendered most labels meaningless and we were very clear we didn't want to jump that bandwagon. Your apparel in a fit cut out just for you. Period.


A fair and good design process involves less wastage. As a conscious clothing brand, we work at making upcycling a part of our work culture. Any excess material from all our collections, during the cutting phase are turned into scrunchies, pillow cases, cross body bags, face masks and other lifestyle products.